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Every student has unique needs, and we endeavor to give you the perfect experience to those ends.

Personalized tutoring

Zoom tutoring.
Each tutor has their own private Zoom room, making meeting simple. Even better, the remote format makes scheduling flexible!
Access to notes.
Any notes or scratch-work created by your tutor during your session is saved in cloud storage for your reference.
A dedicated tutor.
You will be able to meet with the same tutor every meeting, so your tutor can get to know how you learn best.
Expert tutors.
Our tutors are experts with STEM degrees and teach at the university level.
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We tutor all STEM subjects

We can accomodate any student, in any subject, at any level, anywhere in the United States.


From pre-algebra to advanced calculus and anything in between.


Physics, biology, computer science, and everything else.


AP, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and all the other acronyms.

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Future Scholar(10 hour package)


Perfect for a whole semester of learning.

  • Includes 10 hours of tutoring
  • Add more hours at the same discounted rate
  • Get access to cloud storage where everything your tutor writes in your sessions is uploaded for your easy reference
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Standard(à la carte)


Great if you just need some quick review.

  • Buy an hour at a time
  • Don’t get more than you need
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